Helping our clients achieve their mission in a complex, rapidly-changing health care environment.


  • A nimble, small-firm platform with the sophistication of a top tier health care practice;

  • Experienced legal counsel and advocacy informed by a deep understanding of the underlying policy context;
  • Insightful and creative advice, grounded in both our D.C.-based and nation-wide expertise, and tailored to our clients’ unique goals, challenges and local circumstances;

  • Adherence to the highest standards of quality and integrity;
  • Investment in strong and long-term relationships with our clients built on trust and personal engagement; and,

  • An underlying commitment to improving health care, especially for the vulnerable, by strengthening and enabling the work of our clients.


To be counsel of choice for those advancing a transformed health care system accessible to all.


At Eyman Associates, we share a passion for addressing the policies that shape our health care system, and a commitment to our clients’ work in transforming that system and making its benefits accessible to all. We also place special value on the unique insight that comes with combining legal expertise with an understanding of the policy underlying the law as it develops in real time at the federal and state level.

After over two decades in large national and international law firms, we decided to branch out and create a new practice that could be rooted in these values. In November 2011, we founded Eyman Associates—a boutique firm designed to provide a mix of legal, strategic and policy advice to health industry leaders in a flexible and efficient manner.

We continue to provide sophisticated, high-quality advice, while maintaining our desired hands-on and personal approach. We have the opportunity to work with the clients we choose, without the conflicts that are often present in a large firm, and with less overhead and bureaucracy. We value the important work our clients do and enjoy working collaboratively with them to further their missions.

Our roots in Washington, DC and our longstanding representation of America’s Essential Hospitals have given us the unique opportunity to impact health care policy at the national level and build relationships with policymakers and other leaders in the field. We have been able to leverage our active participation in the policy-making process, along with our deep and broad knowledge of federal health care laws, regulations, programs, and policies, to assist clients across the country in developing and implementing innovative local initiatives within the complex federal regulatory framework. In turn, our work on the ground in various states has informed our national advocacy and our understanding of how agencies are implementing the law in the real world.

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Barbara Eyman has been representing a diverse set of clients on health care law and policy matters since 1991.   Her practice focuses on Medicaid, Medicare, the Children’s Health Insurance Program, and the development and implementation of a wide variety of programs under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), including Health Benefits Exchanges.

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Founding Senior Advisor

Sarah Mutinsky focuses her practice on providing strategic regulatory, legislative, and advocacy assistance in matters of health care law, policy and financing.  In the course of this practice, she works with a range of clients from national and state associations, to individual hospitals and health systems, academic medical centers and faculty physician groups, federally qualified health centers, and other health care providers and suppliers.

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Senior Advisor

Eva Johnson advises and advocates on behalf of hospitals and other health care providers and suppliers, trade associations, insurers, and universities on regulatory, transactional, legislative, and government enforcement matters, with a focus on Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement, health care and delivery system reform, and fraud and abuse laws.

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Morgan Handley joined Eyman Associates as an associate in January 2022, and assists in all aspects of the firm’s representations. She comes to the firm with a deep Medicaid background, both in academia and in government, and has advocated to protect the rights of Medicaid beneficiaries.

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